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True Colour

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One of the lesson learned from Dr Ranjit Workshop: do not be emotional.
Even during characteristic test, some of my friends advise me to stay calm and rational. Try not be too emotional too.
After a series of event, I reflect in class and at room. I really need to change my attitude. I can not live on with my emotional unstable.

On a windy Tuesday night, we help 2 friends to celebrate their birthday. After the cake cutting ceremony, the @#$%^&* few naughty fellows/ demons started to play with icing. An innocent photographer like me also been drag into the icing war. After part of my face was covered with icing, I went berserk (luckily I still know how to keep my dslr away first. If not there will be a lot of sleepless night for me)

When I went berserk, I lost track of my consciousness. The following act was unexpected. I not sure what did I do. I really cannot remember. The next moment, I saw demon T*** was against the wall. The worst thing was my left hand was on his neck. What have I done?

Story heard from my other friends, demon T*** was lifted from the floor and struggling under my caught. If the story is really true, that means I have potential energy and can lift heavy thing.
My eye was filled with killer aura that frightens away my friends. This is the first time I saw a guy’s hand was shivering when I stood beside him

From the event, I truly regret on my ignorance, arrogant and childlike behavior. My short term goal: improve my EQ in 2 months time. Avoid throwing tantrum. Avoid throwing or hitting other . try to think dance steps when emotional went too high.

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  1. aiya.. if u improved ur EQ then not nice to be teased d T.T =p


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