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During Infosys Foundation Program


After 3 years of study computer science, I realised that I very easy get tired in front of pc and thinking solutions for problems.

thus, during break time, a tittle rest will not do harm. so there are ways to take a break (take a kikat)
1) rest on the table.
From my observation, we like to have a small nap in front of the pc. a few moment of rest will refresh our mind

2) hide behind the curtain
=.=||||| speechless may be behind the curtain we can find a pot of gold

3) chatting
anythings and everything can be chat under sun

4) take a walk

5) go to restroom

6) drink a cup of coke/tea/coffee

7)went blank (发呆)

take a small rest before continue the journey (休息。是为了走更长的路)


  1. 8) candid people(especially when they are sleeping) as part of the entertainment of the day =P ^^

  2. wow until here you can search me out haahaha lets take more photos ^0^

  3. =="
    ur blog is published of cause there will be readers. =P
    i'm not the 1st 1 among UTeM to get here.
    pek shiang read and told us about the post that u describe hostels here.
    that's when i started to step in here.

  4. btw. not considering nuffnang?
    earning while blogging.
    because some of my frns are doing so.
    anyway reading ppl's life/experience is fun hehe


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