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World Rain Forest Music Festival 2010

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I finally got the chance to join World Rain Forest Music Festival.
Thank to celcom, I got the chance to get student ticket. it really save me a lot of money. thus extra money can be spend on travel expenses , food and beverage.

9am- eat green noodles at 3rd mile. happily eating dumpling "yuntun", green noodle, soy bean and toast bread. the green noodle is made up of spanish vegetable. I prefer the charsiew greeen noodle. it taste better because the char siew is really delicious and yummy. while the ginger duck green noodle is too oily.

10am- chatting till we almost forget the time thus we quickly pack and travel to sarawak cultural village.

11am- reach Sarawak Cultural Village. weird why less people. but before mentioning o the crowd. the shutter van service. Due to some reason they blocked away the Sarawak Cultural Village parking lot, thus we need to park our car at santubong resort.

the distance from santubong resort to sarawak culural village(SCV) is hmm far, quite far actually very far. thus we need to take shutter van. the round up trip for shutter van cost RM10. I turn into ice stone cold. although is far but it will only took Rm1 to rm 2 just to travel the long distance. *sigh once in the life time , just forget about the money

while in the SCV alot of camp was set up. a lot of craft, souvenier, food and beverage store were set up.

2pm- Indian Percussion at theater

amzed, bravo, marvellous, hao bang. I hope i can use up all the good words i know to the performances. It was so cool . usinmg simple rhythm , masterpiece will start encircled the hall.

I was clapping my hand so hard that i did not realise the pain till the show finished

3.15pm - Come and dance: balkan dance at Dewan Lagenda

Really enjoy this session. learn balkan dance. it is very simple. 1,2,3,4, ,kick right, kick left. very easy to catch up. the music was lovely too

4.30pm - Rhythm master at Iban Long house

Drums from all over the world.
when they plays the last piece, I reminds me a little story told by an australian monk.
Once you are the master of your instrument, You can play a lovely piece of music. When music masters gathers and work in harmony, master piece of music will be produced. Ignore the the skin colour, culture, language, religious, If we master the things well, we can corporate and work in harmony. the music was just great.

5.30pm- ckc and me faster went to dewan lagenda to booked a good spot for the great event of the day. Live concert. who care the floor is dirty, i just want to have a good spot to enjoy the music.

5.50pm- enjoy our simple dinner. example, sushi, ice cream, soda, pia bread.(the mutton pita bread is really delicious)

7.00pm - started to dozed off -.-zzzz raining heavly, lots of people gathered at dewan lagenda

7.00pm - first performance started. ^0^ Sarawak ethnic music

7.30pm - China music performance.

8.30pm- gypsies prformance. wow the crow was really really high on this performance, a beautiful gypsy lady dance gracefuly with lots of items. such as very high hat(i think so, is really really high), glass, fire, rope, candle stand and skirt. I like her tradisional costume.

9.30pm - need to go back

It is a MUST event to join and participate in life time. You can really enjoy good music and enjoy the rain forest. it really mean to be raining all night long because it is truly rain forest ^0^


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