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Bau Trip

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2 June 2010

^0^ Make some new friends from Infosys Foundation Program. As a "Kaki Jalan"/ traveler like me, never will miss a chance to travel and find new place to eat.(Provided, wallet have enough money ~0~)

First stop: 7 mile market /pasar batu tujuh

Here we tasted
1) Teh c ais special
2) kolok mee
3) kampua mee
4) huang ping/ gong pia

guy really can really ate up a lot. in the end , our breakfast table was stacked with bowls, plates and glasses.
Second stop: wind cave

when park ranger said it is a dark, and must travel with torchlight. He really mean it. It is really dark in the cave. Wind cave have no wind.Entrance fee = rm1.50 (because got matric card ^0^)

Third Stop: Fairy Cave

after some steep climb, a beautiful scenery reach our eyes. It is more windy than wind cave.

Forth Stop: Serikin

places where you can get cheap souvenir from Indonesia. however, we went on the wrong day. thus it look like silent hill

Fifth Stop: Lunch at Pekan Bau

Sixth Stop: Tasik Biru

It look more green than blue to me

Seventh Stop: Air Panas Paku

Hmm lesson learn is never believe the signboard. air panas = air kolam very disappointing. but it give us a good laugh.

Eighth Stop: Taman Sahabat, Jalan Song

Ninth Stop: Dinner at Jalan Song
delicious fuchow roll chicken, ham and cheese
Again, I witnessed a full table of food till I not sure which to eat first. Guys are really good at eating

Tenth Stop: Wash cloth at hostel
hahaahahaha, our clothes are really dirty and smelly. Spend up more time to wash the clothes


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