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food in Kuching ^0^

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Ladies and gentleman let me proudly present a very delicious pork satay. Pork satay is really
rare. Firstly, it need techniques to cut the meat so it is easier to chew. Second to BBQ pork it need to have good marinate source.

I found it. It tastes better than my home town pork satay. It is located at Taman Hui Sing Commerical area/hawker Centre, Kuching

Nicely marinate pork satay mixed bit a bit spicy and crunchy satay source. Hmmmm, tender meat rolled into your mouth. As your chew, the fragrance begins to spread too. Every taste buds on your tongue can enjoy the tasty source.

A few stores away from stay shop is a drink shop. A friend introduces us to have “white lady” as a drink. White lady…. White lady…… hmm it sound more like girl wearing white dress to me. But it turn out to be a nice drink.

There are 2 layers of colours. Bottom is mango sauce white top one is ideal milk. Yummy yummy, it is truly a good drink for a hot summer night. (Malaysia has summer night every day actually )


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