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Kuching Dance Festival 2010 - part 1

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25 July 2010

Thank to Tyng Dance Academy, I got a chance to attend International Belia Dance Night 2010. This concert was held at Borneo Convention Center.

The program tentative was

Since i miss the first International dance festival, I will not miss this chance again.

First time drive to Borneo Convention Center, I like the fact that the parking is free. phew ... can save a bit.

It is very big and modern building. The main gate was facing a river and from the balcony / parking drop off point, we can see beautiful sunset.

Back to the topic, the event of the year. Got the chance to see different kinds of dance from different country. In my opinion,

The most touching is "faraway dad "dance from one of the china troupe.
synopsis of faraway dad
in china, some of the parent need to leave their children at the hometown for a better life. They will travel far to the city to earn living. Thus the only communication between the parent and the child was weekend phone call. the dance really show every little details of the reality.

This bring back my memory. Last year I travel to china to visit my dad. we are lucky that one of
dad's friend(Mr A) invited us to experience China ancient village lilfe style / kampung lifestyle in yancheng , 盐城. Mr and Ms A work in Shanghai and only gone home twice a year. Thus, they pack lots of things for their family members in their hometown. The most important was they finally have the chance to reunion with their little girl. During the journey, I can hear that Ms A was chatting happily with her daughter (Girl A). A series of events was plannedfor the home coming.

Once reach the yancheng home, Girl A rushed out to hug her mother. touching was the only word come to my mind. Family love was always the best. During the 2 days stay in 盐城, Ms A will buy any things Girl A ask for. Girl A was an obedient and filial girl. all she ask for was pigeon soup and some tidbits. During every meal, I witnessed Ms A was happily cooking all the dishes for her little girl.

At the end of the home stay, Mr A's family hug tightly to each other. Once a year, they can only met 4 time. They really treasure the moment together.

This dance really bring back my memory and i can't help think Girl A and my parent.

The most sexy dance is belly dance from Indonesia
shimmering was consider one of the most difficult dance movement. But, it prove me wrong, the dancer can easy dance out. her belly was shilvering gentlely and her move capture my heart. all her movement was so sexy that my eye could not leave her. I believe all the photographers agreed with me. because the clicking sound was greater during this performance.

The most visual effect was korea dance from hong kong troupe.

The story that can get across me was"the story of white crane"
The most memorable opening - sarawak troupe


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