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Kuching food festival -2010

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Rain, rain go away, please come later or another day.
I wish , I pray for a good weather just to enjoy kuching food festival.
however, my wish was not granted, drizzling still continue. Never mind at least i still have the experience to tour kuching food fest in the rain. ^0^ new experience holding an umbrella, walking around, buy food. hahhaa the most interesting part is see your friend eat with head link to shoulder. using shoulder and head to grap on to the umbrella, while both hands was busily swapping food to mouth. a truly unique picture that can obly view during rainy day

A big Thank you, Infosys Foundation Program supervisor, Ms Sarah, our handsome penghulu and penghuluwati yang ayu, UNIMAS Bus conductor, UNIMAS guard. Thanks for organizing this trip. It save our time looking for car park and transportation fee ^0^

as usual, crowd was always that huge at kuching food festival. In my experience, every day also big crowd. hmm some time i wonder kuching really have big population.

different kind of foods

the straw rice is quite special. it is delicious too.

happy smile on every one face.

Hope can bring my family to enjoy the event next time ^0^


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