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During Infosys Foundation Program - Group work

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Can you work in a team?
can you listen to other?
can you corporate with other?
can you give solution to a problem in a team?

that is what group work really mean. There are a few projects that required team work between group members. I am lucky to team up with great people. now think back, i don't really have difficult team mate before. everyone do their parts and find solutions together. Really enjoy working in group. ^0^

list of projects during Infosys program:
  • PF
  • HJSX
  • JAVA
  • J2EE
During the training program, i have great time working with great people.
In my team, there are 2 game masters, 1 penghuluwati and 1 .......pikachu.............=.="". Ya so basically, our team is hmm very interesting.

The 2 gamers are very expert at game. All sort of games can be seen in their pc. o2jam, mario, pokemon, and others unknow game. during free time, they will either watch anime, play game and taking nap.

One thing i learn from them are determination. They never give up easily. For instance, in a game there are many levels. if one of the level, they can not pass. they will ask around, search internet, search video to learn up. next even if the level been play for more than 40 times, they will keep trying to achieve their goal.

During project time, they never give up. They give pushing, searching, think for solution. really solute to them. I hope i can be as detail as them.

Penghuluwati is a very gentle lady, She was so good at network. she was very hardworking too. Even though how hard the assignment was, she will try her best to solve it. I like her organizing skills.

She often organise trip for us to play. for instance Matang trip, kuching food fest. she was a great communicator.

while for the pikachu case, love to sleep, have problem during night time, like to kacau people. always bully one of the gamers. so for pikachu case, hmmm really need to find out what is her strength? work harder, focus, think more mature........... hmm pikachu really need to work harder............

now really look forward for J2EE project. wonder what kind of challenge are awaited for us....................


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