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Nothing endures but change

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Nothing endures but change
When change occurs, one have to endures

During a dhamma sharing, i find this quote interesting. Nothing is impermanence in this world. You attend school, meet new friends, enjoy your time with them,, fight with them, then you graduate and leave. This process repeat itself a few time. this is the nature of the world.

The experience shared by speaker was a great story that inspire me. she lost her entire collection. Yet, she endure and accept the fact so well. I really admire her spirit.

Thus we need to understand and accept it. Let go is the key word. we bring nothing in this world, we will leave with nothing. But good deeds will always stay in our and other minds.

Another quote that interest me during the sharing was
This was seldom heard during dhamma sharing.
How do you interpret?
爱人 = 名词
Do you have a lover?
Do you love the others?

However, most of us immediately judge it as do you have a lover? once we hear it. Do not judge a book by its cover. Listen carefully , think carefully, only answer it back. Then, you will not misinterpret things....
是的, 我有爱,人。。。。。。^0^


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