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Interesting moment ~ meal time

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jalan jalan cari makan (travel to find food)........ it been with me since young. thus my experience eating with different people were unique and memorable.

Meal can be Chinese dishes, seafood dishes, home cook fod, steam boat, buffet...... any thing. but it will be truly delicious is eating with someone you love or like. I enjoy eating home cook food a lot.

chinese new year reunion lunch 2010

Eating with family member can talk anything under the roof ^0^ but when come to washing dishes and cleaning up the table, we love to push the job to each other.

Eating with good friends is different things.

Eating with girls usually is talk, chatting, giggling more than eat. But at least we can slowly enjoy the meal.

Eating with guys............ different story.......
Yes some are gentle man will help you to scoop the food....
Yes some will help you pour tea.......
but one thing you must remember was their speed of eating and volume.........

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  1. wahh... your mum very good at cooking leh.. @@
    5 ppl eat so many dishes..@@
    u so homia.. haha


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