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Travel tips

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Travel tips from travel kaki
1) do your homework vs don't do homework
better do some research before travel. at least can save some money and save time too

Don't do homework also can it will be a total new experience where you may visit new places and more discovery. my experience in sungai limbang is a totaly cool experience. we simply drive around the place and found some new places to explore. I kind of like this feeling there are lots of surprise by the en of the day

3) prepare to get dirty
to travel light need to bring less things
so bring less clothes

What to do if not enough money? but still want to travel
1) borrow loan
borrow loan mean borrow from someone trusted . for example, brother sister, father mother or friends however do not overturn their trust must pay back.

2) find trusted place to stay
stay at relative place or friend places. it can save alot of money
heheh some time you got the chances to visit more places and enjoy more delicacies. most important free place to stay. in return deepen the relationship. provided he or she is free ta that time

3) stay at home surf more internet
at least your mind is travelling


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