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Bangkok Trip 2010 Day 1 曼谷购物旅行。第一天

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19/09/2010 (Sunday)

"hi do you want to to join me to Bangkok on this coming September?"

a very simple sms was received while i was busy doing my project. after thinking some time. fine with me as long later i can pay up the travel loan or expenses later (really really have to work out and earn more money for travel) is fine.

thus i took it as a graduation vacation since sabah trip was canceled.

After weeks of planning, research online and booking air ticket, finally today we can fly off to Bangkok.

5.30am reach airport..... Alamak flight delayed due to the flight was delayed in Perth......... ~.~ i woke up 3.30m just to catch the 7.15am flight. 7.15am flight was delayed to 12:40pm

Lucky have compensation.... then only i realize is canteen food. Since we go by jetstar, the compensation for our breakfast is s$8 per person. While airport food and beverage was expensive and food is....... hnmm like primary school food. Never mind stop complaining just look forward for a good day.

7.30am our flight delayed to 1345 (01.45pm) I hope i will not miss out my chatuchak shopping trip. I really want to walk around that area.....

8.00am wondering wondering around this place. hmm may be i should do a bit of prayer/ chanting or meditation.

then today only i realize today is taksin president step down 4 year anniversary. May i have safe trip.....

12.00 noon
"flight 3k 511 passengers please proceed to 24 food gallery to enjoy refreshments......"
an announcement was made........
i got a feeling that today going to be a bad day.........

!@#$%^&*(it was delayed again ) to 2.50pm that mean i waited 8 hours at the transit room...........

finally reach Bangkok around 6pm.... quickly search up the gate 3 meeting area. we found our travel guide, Joy, holding our name....

when she saw us, she flop down on to the floor.

"finally reach Bangkok, you are the earliest flight and reach the latest one..........."
yes I understand your feeling...........
waiting is a great pain

we proceed to Baiyoke Sky Hotel and start our Bangkok first night life.

can't shop very much due to late arrival


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