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Bangkok Trip 2010 Day 2 阳光宅女与见光死师的曼谷旅行。第二天

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20/09/2010 (Monday)

阳光宅女 = 不怕热, 喜欢在大白天活动
见光死师 = 怕阳光, 喜欢在日落后活动

两人的旅行。。还蛮奇怪 但很好玩的

We walk to he nearest shopping center. Platinum Fashion Mall.

6 floor of clothing, shoes, bag, accessories to choose.

We shop for a day. slowly one floor by one floor window shopping and things.
Luckily we brought our big sponge bob square pant big bag. Therefore we can continue buying and dump all the things inside the big bag.

When the bag become heavy we can just drag it on the floor. hehehe

Platinum Fashion Mall is a wholesale mall. It is better to buy more to get cheaper price. It is also a place for us o practice our bargain skill. ^0^

around 3pm, we are at 6 floor enjoy our lunch + tea break.

I love the crepe. It is a thin wheat skin. inside the crepe was wrap up with my favorite chocolate and banana. yummy yummy


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