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Anime Festival 2010 rock ^^

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13 November 2010 (Saturday)

$15 ticket

Control.... Control is the only thing i said to myself when i saw Anime Festival Asia (AFAX) advertisement in facebook. so in the end, impulsively Hanna and I decided to attend the event once in our life.Since we are ANIME OTAKU. YES! .... ^0^ ...lots of miniatures, figures, drawing and other sold and exhibits over the hall

Cosplay over the place. just like it because a lot of the anime cosplay was seen there

a maid theme cafe was set up in the exhibition hall.
Wow the queue is very long so decided to have photos outside lah

AFAX vehicle

demonstration on drawing anime using adobe photoshop

.sadly photos, video and sound recording was not allowed during Kana Hanazawa interview session

one of my favourite seiyou, Kana Hanazawa I love the anime she sen you too. She has a nice voice. especially when live demonstration on voice casting with the anime. I really salute to her. I just love the way when she said "Kobata gambateh-masu" .....>.< (^0^)
良い孟よ、私が応援する、あなたを愛して (好萌, 哟 我也会加油, 爱你)

around 7pm only we want to leave the place to meet up 见光死师。 we were happily telling her the thing we saw, meet and showing her the photos we taken. hahahah we are a bit high not stop discussing and talking. her facial expression went ==||||

haiz 2 otaku....... what so great about anime? hmm anime story line is so much different from normal drama storyline. the creativity and imagination was unlimited and without boundry. Thus japanese anime was world wide recognise. Anime can really made me laugh out with their overly expression and idiotic act. the storyline is good can either made me touch or cry when is too touching or sad.

LOVE LOVE this camera ^0^

to me, anime attracted me as an art too. Dance is part of art. but dance was part of me, is part of my life
. may be that the reason I love anime. ANIME ROCK!!!


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