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Escape to Broga

06 November 2010 Saturday

Getting out big city, travel to the border of Selangor and Seremban, for hiking Broga hill.

This is one of my earliest departure time for traveling. 3 am in the morning wake up still blur blur change to sport wear, take drink, pack breakfast, walk to lrt station to wait for friend car.

Around 5am, we reach the feet of broga hill. Park the car there and begin our journey of climbing up.

Broga Hill is a place most discuss by blogger. Blog related to it can be found instantly by search engine. Most of them say it is easy to climb. indeed it is easy to climb, but it was steep too. at certain part of the hiking you need to lower down your body grab the stone and climb low.

to reach the 4th point, we need to depend on rope to travel up the rock. lucky there are many guy in this group that help each other to reach the hill.

So what so different about Broga hill......
Indeed it is an unique experience for me that this hill is only 400m within 500m radius of the 4 peaks. it has no trees. Yes no trees. I hike some hill and mountain before.this is the first hill grow with just thatch. Different kinds of thatch can be seen there. High thatch, low thatch every where. because of this flat row of thatch it give a different experience for me.

climb up some rock we can have better view of the town below.
In the dark, where the light from the nearby town can be seen as city of light
In the light, green lush fields of nature appear in front of you. blue sky above your head, clouds gently river through the blue sky.
sleepy sun slowly peek through the thick cloud.

It was beautiful scenery.

Around 8am, we began to "roll" down the hill. there is normal way and express way to go down the hill. beside some hike trail, there is a "slide" beside it. it was made of thatch too. at first i was shy to try out..... next thing Nike slogan appear in my head "just do it" i sit on the slide and slide down.

phew, phew i slide down . hahhahahhaha it was fun like back to kid. It was definitely easier then climb down. but fear for my pant from tearing and "breaking system" by my leg and butt, i only try once.

really salute to some dare devil that slide down the most steep slide when going down. their laugh echo through the hill.

Yes it was fun.
so my advice to all who going to hike the hill, let go all your concern and "face", choose some safer "thatch slide" and try it out.
^0^ you will enjoy it.

Next breakfast time at the nearby coffee shop

visit a temple nearby, from the temple, you can have a clear view of Broga Hill. a patch of light green meadow just appear some where in the middle of thick forest.
hmm interesting, how to get there??????

then lunch time, Thank to our new friend crystal and her boy boyfriend, we get the chance to try out "Africa " fish. We order 6 different kinds of cooking style on the fish. The fish was fresh since the restaurant is in the fish farm itself. yummy yummy ^^

Thank to our driver, KH, his safety driving skills and nice car ( hmm i wish i own a good car too....) I have a good nap on the way home.......


  1. Nice slide & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

    Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

  2. next time I also want go there ^_^


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