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Christmas is nearing ......

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Frankly speaking, i am a Buddhist so i do not really celebrate Christmas. Since kindergarten, I been attend Christmas party and familiar with the story of jesus. Even during my secondary school time, I play shepherd role in drama too. I still remember my teacher Mrs Ignatius ( i hope i spell correctly). She was like an angel always so caring and gentle. She will pray for us if we are confused or in trouble.

No matter what religious you are, sharing and caring is the best method of all

hmm so when visiting places like KLCC suria, Pavillion, Jusco or any places with Christmas decoration, it make me treasure the help from other.

王师姐, another angel help me cure my headache after my operation. She even travel to hostel to find me when I am in pain. Although now I do not meet her, I can only pray for her and her family happiness.

my parents ^0^ yup they are definitely Bodhisattva in my world

my sibling thank for caring

my relative, my friends, tzu chi seniors, metta lodge teachers and some other "angels" who help me when i am in trouble.

still remember once when my car wheel punctured, I was doing it alone to change it. A malay father took the tools behind his car and come forward and help me. He did not said much, just "tayer dik" "lain kali ber hati-hati" but lucky for his help, I was able to back on the road again. I still remember that his car was full with 3 children and a mother. I not sure is he free at that time. but very grateful for his help. may he and his family be well and happy

Merry Christmas to all, May all being fell the joy of life. May all be well and happy
trying with bokeh effect but ~.~ seriously i need a fixed len

Sunway pyramid Chritmas decoration

Sunway pyramid Chritmas decoration street remind me of Singapore Orchard Road
I love the effect of this photos

finally get the star star effect of the light

Blue Blue dish Christmas deco

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