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Crazy food hunt at Jogoya

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6/12/2010 (Monday)

mango yogurt, very smooth

Meeting a friend, Tyng from far away is definitely a good things. Can caught up on new things, chat everything about dance, food, travel , anythings that you can imagine. So to find a good place to have good chat with good food, we decided to try out Jogoya. A place i never try before. Especially when there is a promotion 50% discount for ladies food hunt time.

sushi, sushi muackss

Ever wonder why I mentioned crazy food hunt. hehehehe let me share my experience

steam crab
steam fish
the steam food i find it a bit not fresh but other food is quite nice.

Coconut is definitely a good drink during buffet. I not sure how many have we drink. but in the end there are lots of coconut shell on our table. When Mr D wnt and take coconut, the waiter allow him to take 3. but when ah Long went and take , he was allowed 2 at a time. hmm may be that the different service you can got if you are a lengzhai . ^0^


more cakes

more more cakes

YES CAKE, DESSERT, ICE CREAM, CHOCOLATE, when tyng bring up a plate of cakes in front of me, the dessert monster went awake immediately. Especially the very satisfying expression of her eating opera cake and ask me to try. rich chocolate flavor spread through my mouth, a thread of coffee was still toggling my tongue as i swallow the cake. This is it, I am done. My sweet tooth habit was explode again. I think I flew toward the dessert stand. Looking at the cake displays.
"HI, please give me all the cakes on the first row and second row"
Happily, i brought 2 plateful of cakes back. Tyng facial expression was shocking.

Sushi Sushi Sushi, muahahaha we really eat up a lot of sushi.

the miso soup base was great especially with seafood. i like the chewy octopus. Since the soup was boiled, we decided to "close up" the fire. However, after a few time, the fire stubbornly flaming in its pot. So Tyng' boyfriend, Mr D took the fire pot upand blow off. Hmm
th fire remain firm in its pot and refused to be blow off. ehh how come the smoke is weird. AIYA the smoke blow toward the next table. the little girl was amazed and looking at us. Mr D immediately apologize and all of us roar into laughter

Ah Long and Tyng are sibling. very cute sibling. Before eating. Mr D mentioned that just let this 2 sibling served us. hmm what the meaning??? then i realise they are "expert" in finding food and bring back a big plate of food for you. wow really good at sliding through the crowd getting what they want. heheheh we get to taste quite a lot of food hheheheh

When our table is really too full, Mr D became more worry and keep looking around for chain. joking joking he want to chain them down to prevent food from pouring down the table again

some girl have "special goals" in the life
1) want to diet to keep nice body shape
2)want to taste all the delicacies in the world

haiz what a conflicting goal. Just a suggestion to people who plan to visit Jogoya.

Just let go the first goal and enjoy eating.
Who care the second tayer on belly
The taste of the food is the most important one

Muahahhahaah after the buffet just remember first goal and dance it out..........


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