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Sushi Tei@ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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Japan earth quake, tsunami nuclear leak, disaster appear in Japan. As a buddhist, we learn to accept and find solution to help in way we can. Prayer was prayed the world peace. May all beings be well and happy.

Sushi Tei also trying to their part in helping Japan to overcome this obstacle. on 25/3/2011 they are having a charity. 50% of their sale will go to helping Japan too.

I love Japanese food. so on this day i save up some money to taste the food and help out as i can.

raw salmon sushi

this interest me as the egg is black colour

assorted mix of sushi

assorted mix of sushi


Highly recommend this where on the top is a mixture of mayonise with prawn ehh then a bit burn off on the top second later is crab meat. third layer is stewed japanese toufu wraping rice. It taste so good ^^

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  1. Omg, dun eat sushi liao, there is alpha, beta and gamma nuclear radiation in everything imported from Japan! Long term health effect is cancer!


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