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the apartment restaurant & bar

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Today decided to try out some western food at the apartment restaurant & bar at klcc. unfortunately the second floor was not open when i went for my dinner. really wish can see the interior design of the second floor. the ground floor of the restaurant do look like a living hall or dinning hall. However, the air condition of the day was hmmm not so good. It was quite hot sitting there. But the way, i really hate the smell of the smoke so smoking area is really out of my consideration at all.

^^ Let start introducing some food that i have tried

Jamie's duck pasta
Duck is a kind of meat not easy to cook(for me). it take time to boil or cook it to get the tenderness of the meat. I like this pasta because it have lots of pasta source. and the duck meat is really tender soft. however it is too big plate for me hahahah. yummy yummy

Fish & Chips
Erm quite normal to me where the fish is fried till crispy and golden brown

strawberry peach pavlova

this is my first time eat meringue. it taste sweet and with the white cream it really taste milky. for those who like milk or cheese, this will be a good choice . I like it better by having the meringue with a bit of the cream and strawberry on it. the sour of strawberry mix well l with the milk cream. to add on meringue instantly melt in your mouth. i really like this thrill on my tongue


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