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After start working for sometime, I learn that financial planning is very important and crucial. To have a simple living yet looking for some fun, really need to understand how to manage the fund well. I like to use a quote from my friend.
 " Do you know that in Malaysia. Our living cost is increase exponentially while our salary is just moving slow and steady"
~ by JC

ok may be a graph can make you understand

  In buddhism, I learn that To live happily is to change our attitude or thinking in  the current environment. I can't change the fact that ya this life is not a bed of rose. However, I know how to save money, how to learn, How to live at the moment..........

So there are some saving tips i learn is to visit shooping deals website where some time you can find great deal and get it a cheaper price. That how i can still enjoy food, game and travel.


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