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Lamasi Cafe

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Thanks to  Groupon Malaysia... I got the chance to try out new food with my friend. Currently quite like group buying website where i really got the chance to save   a  lot of money.....

This time i try out Lamasi Cafe which allocate in Ferenheit 88 level 3
Lamasi Garden Fresh Salad
Quite large portion for me. Where a mixture of lettuce, cucumber, celery, olive oil and some salad dressing that was unknown to me

Chicken Caesar Salad
Almost the same taste as Lamsi Salad. I like the bread crumb. It is crispy. When eat with salad. the bread give a kind of new sensation to my teeth
Mixed Berries Frescato
Yes I can taste the berries in it but is too sweet for me
Vanilla Frescato
This one is more nicer than mixed berries Frecato. The sweetness is just nice and is it full with vanillas taste.

Our dishes before pizza was served.......

Pizza Chicken Festival
For wood Baked pizza i was expecting the crust to be more thin. However, the dough of the pizza is more soft.....

I love playing with the pizza where the cheese can be stretch as high as possible

Pizza Magaritta


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