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Sushi Zanmai @ Farenheitt 88, KL

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27 May 2011

One thing i like about Friday is Next day is weekend. Weekend mean I can rest at home do nothing just watch anime and sleep as long as i like.

Friday night is also like a food hunting for me ^o^ v. we decided to try out Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit88. A shop that is highly recommended by friend.
Sushi Zanmai with green tea

We ordered a few sushi. I like it very much. It is delicious.

japanese steamboat with lala. the taste is bland not really my favour.

heheh I having fun coking this soup. lala open up and become butterfly 


Yasai croquette. very crispy and creamy mash potato

Nato sushi. hahah can pull the nato very very high and the thread is swing in the air. hahaha i really like to play with nato. == but not with hand


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