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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides~ midvalley

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01 June 2011

We plan to have meal at Yogitree. On the way, there is pirate of Caribbean exhibition. Next I was shocked to see eh the door at the boat open. 2 demons jump out and a mermaid hopping around the boat just to get to the stage. heheh ^.^ pirate dance. We quickly run to the front stage

aaahhhh Captain Jack. I scream so loud that the guy in front of me jump up. sorry folk i did not mean but
captain jack captain jack captain jack. 
so cool to see some one cosplay captain jack
angelica and captain jack ^0^
~.~ as a photographer, i failed. I forget to charge my battery. so that all my photos. even no photos for my yogitree meal

Try to go midvalley and experience this fantastic show 
I love it


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