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Breezy day at Genting Highland

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5 July 2011

Since见光死师 and J come tour KL, I decided to take a leave. We are really impromptu person. the weather is hot in KL, we are thinking to rest at some place cool and breezy place. Genting highland come across our mind immediately.

ding ding we search net to find the nearest bus station to go there. it easy and most of gogenting bus stop is near lrt or shopping station.

Of we go to genting highland.

the best thing when the weather is good the temperature is around 16 celcius . yet the air is not as dry as aircon. Sitting at the outside chair,enjoying in the cool breeze, doing nothing but just relax. aaahhh yes is relax. i like this word.

 cabel car

 genting highland
Going genting highland doesn't mean I need to go casino or play theme park. just buy a cup of tea laze around the place. hmm I think i like the weather there already

bus from gombak to genting RM8.40
 cabel car RM5.00
bus from genting to 1utama RM4.60


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