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慈青体验营2011- 分享

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  1. 慈悲所到之处, 无人可挡,人人接受
  2. 陪伴他人,因为我们无法解决他人, 解铃人还需系铃人。
  3. 挫折是人生成长的·路程
  4. 学习佛陀的本性,救苦众生
  5. 为了什么忙,但心灵也要成长
  6. 想要一样东西时, 请问自己“需要”还是“想要”
  7. 静,青山无争。思,用心来活生命田。
  8. 不要小看自己, 因为人有无限可能。
  9. 心念好,愿望会实现。
  10. 碰到任何‘发生’,你有多快感恩, 你的智慧就有多深。
  11. 谦卑的表现,唯有缩小自己的人 - 尊重
  12. 爱是行动, 不是感觉。
  13. 感恩,尊重, 爱·的威力: 可以转不可能为可能。
  14. 父母是孩子最大的礼物。
A Tranquil Mind
When one mind is fickle, it is like a pond of muddy water. If we throw a pebble into this, it will make it cloudier. On the other hand, if we choose to calm down our thoughts, then wisdom will resurface to guide us.

Wisdom is like a big round mirror
We should take good care of our mind and let not it muddled with unnecessary thoughts. We must be contented, graceful, understanding and accommodating to free mind. If one practices these four values, then one'mind will be as clear as mirror, shining bright with knowledge and wisdom.

Vow as Vast as an Endless Space
To born as a human does not come easily to e able to listen to Dharma is even difficult. Thus, we must treasure our lives as human and pledge great vows to achieve better goals. Let our vows be as vast as endless space, spreading boundless have across the universe touching every living beings

Steady as Rock
Making a vow is easy but to have perseverance is tough. Almost everybody has an indecisive mind, one moment we pledge a vow, the  very next minute we have a change of heart. In the beginning , most people are deeply touches and aspired to be generous. However as time passes, the excitement fades. Now they regret the promise they made, and no longer wish to part their worldly belongings.

For Eternity

Vow must be pledged in earnest. A genius vow is the one that will overcome all challenges under any circumstances and the one will last forever.

Signifies our inner thoughts, while implies perseverance if one can adhere with these four principles, then the path to enlightenment is not as far away.
When one mind is serene and calmly, devoid of resentment and ambiguity, one would be able to make decision with right perspective. Thus enable us to understand what world really needs and how to serve the people. So let's pledge together, do what we ought to do for this world and serve man kind.


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