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《清净。大爱。无量义》音乐手语剧 - 感想

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My first encounter with innumerable sutra performance is on 18 December 2010 in Johor Bahru. Without any knowledge, I reach my hometown to help out in “Lu Xiang Zhang” Event. Then only I realise it was a big event that preach the innumerable of sutra. What amazed me the most is the effort and cooperation between Tzuchi organisation.

Usually Dharma was preach as Dharma talk or listen to CD. While this musical performance is really unique and interesting. All the performers need to keep their 10 precepts and be vegetarian for 108 days. Weeks after weeks of learning and practices among the performers to understand the sutra and apply in life. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu for all the efforts and compassion.

During Johor Bahru tour, my parent got the chance to watch and see the show. I was great to hear my dad appreciate the show. My dad been a good dad that fetch us back and forth to Sunday Dharma school. However, his fate with Buddhism was not yet ready. Thus, I felt gratitude when he able to listen and watched the show from beginning to the end.

While I was able to watch the complete performance of innumerable sutra is in Ipoh tour. We, tzuqing got the chance to watch our senior from Perak to perform. In the end, I was so touched and cried a few time. Reason is the story shared by Huang ShiGu is so touching. A mother love was boundless. Nothing can compare to a mother love. Yet she need to accept and learn to let go of her son death. The journey to recover was tough. However, with the love and help from Tzuchi members, she was able to stand up again. In return, She use her experience to help others too.

My purpose to join in sign language group is to continue to spread this love and compassion to others. A mother lost her son and  my best friend lost her dad let me understand one lesson. Life is full of uncertainty but death is certain. Therefore, I do not regret to join sign language group.

So my happy “suffering” journey start here. There were a few lessons i learned as listed below:-
     Less complain.  transportation was provided, food was provided, our teacher was giving her 200% efforts to teach us. Ask yourself do you dare to waste this effort? Do you feel the hard work of others?
     Coordination between 5 senses. First listen to the songs, second learn the sign language, third learn the foot steps, forth learn each layout pattern, fifth entry and exit. All this was learn in 4 months duration. The key for the success is focus and concentration. Understand the meaning of the sutra thus a beautiful performance will be presented
     Time management. Everyone of us come with different background. After work, we do not rest. We use that time for learning sign language. Weekend was spent to improve the coordination between members. Thus I learn to manage my time well.
     Apply dharma in life. Everyone do this voluntary. We did it happily. I learn to be more considerate and tolerance. “Format” the big “I” in oneself and put yourself in other people shoes. Step back you can see the whole picture. Thus, temper can be calm down as soon as possible
     Flexible Nothing more interesting when come to uncertainly. One thing i found out in Tzuchi was we are very flexible, accept the changes and quickly find solution. During our first performance (Saturday 10 September 2011), “Da De” (audiences) were in the hall out of schedule. candles was lighted by audiences themselves, van almost been stolen. Shi Gu looked at all this matters with a great heart and optimism. Solution just came up instantly.

Ganen. I have this chance to be involve in this performance. Sadhu sadhu sadhu May all beings be well and happy


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