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Unforgetable Birthday *Sasaki Japanese Buffet*

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Birthday star got the chance to dine in FREE hahhahah
dad happily go and take food. He love it because got fresh osyster. squeeze some lemon and a bit alcohol. slurp it slide into your mouth immediately and taste the freshness of osyster. hmm why man like to eat osyster leh? even bf like  it
rows of food
rows of food
i like the wallpaper. Is interesting to see japanese art while eating
sasaki japanese buffet

so this is like food tour or food adventure during my birthday. I love it a lot got to taste so many good food in one day. hmm may be next time should have early lunch so i can taste more at buffet time blek >.<

tempura very nice  ^0^ yummy yummy


hahahah in the end, i was happily drinking beer with my dad. eating food away.... i forget to take more photo with my dad. Thanks dad for celebrating birthday with me thanks bf for giving me such great birthday present and everything you arranged for me. I love it. I really enjoy it


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