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High Tea at Delicious@ Marc Residency, Jalan Pinang

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15 October 2011

 Great interior design really have serene and calm effect

 Coffee(Latte?? not sure can't remember) and Hot Lemon Tea. heeh my Naraya blue bag as background heheheh
 Our delicious high tea by

 Apple crumble cake(forget to eat ice cream first in the end the ice cream melted)

 crispy pie tee
 my strawberry art ^^
 hahahah I really love this effect

In the end, I keep thinking way to decorate my scone 

The portaion of the high tea was great. My bf and me was so full at the end of the meal. really enjoy

PLEASE take note on the parking charges rate. Delicious did help us to deduct RM7. However we ate at 5.30pm and finish at 7.30pm. Thus
First hour (5.30pm to 6pm) = RM4.00
Second Hour (6pm - 7.30pm) = RM10.00
TOTAL = RM14.00
Deduct RM7 by delicious
THEREFORE, we only pay RM7 for the parking fee


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