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HK 2011 - hostel 香港。动感之旅 2011 - 宿舍篇

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26 October 2011 to 29 October 2011

Finally the most awaited trip of 2011 HONG KONG 香港。。Thanks to my colleague , Whisley. he recommend a great hostel for us dragon hostel. The hostel employee was great and friendly. Most importantly this hostel was at a strategic place. Food and shopping was just down stair. It was awarded best hostel for consecutive year too. Later I found out my jimui who went on august 2011 also booked this hostel. So basically It was quite "famous" for Malaysian
The view from the sincere house
Hong Kong old style building
The corrider toward our room
a small pantry with free and clean water provided daily
Our small little room (ops forget to take the bathroom photo. )
Our room was catered for 4 ladies. I have weird  habit that sleep early so the best place for me is the double story bed hahahha

Thanks to dragon hostel. It was really clean and great place to stay. Highly recommend :D


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