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Chinese New Year 2012

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Basically this year Chinese New Year, I was a sleepy bunny. Practically every evening around 5pm, I flopped onto my bed for nap. Then nap become become sleep............. sleep become shut down (yes yes I am programmer so my term sound IT technically). The next morning only I wake up.

Mum was suspicious that I had unhealthy lifestyle in KL. So around 5pm she make sure I stay awake to eat dinner. 辛苦你了,妈妈。Good thing i rest enough. Bad thing i miss a lot of good movies. Especially those telecast by Mediacorp, Singapore.

Anyway, May all beings be well and healthy for this water dragon year 2012.
HUAT ah^0^ ............ since when this word so popular=.="""
恭喜法财(I learnt this from Master Zhen Yen)


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