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Duck noodle @ Pun Chun, Bidor 品珍酒楼

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4 February 2012 We had 4 days public holiday. Not to waste the beautiful holiday away, we decided to explore Cameron Highland and Teluk Intan. Early in the morning, we stop at 美罗品珍酒楼 Pun Chun Restaurant at Bidor for 鸭腿面 the famous duck noodle
It is very easy to locate the shop. Take the bidor exit from North South Highway. Turn Right and reach de. The amount of car stop in fornnt of the shop can be easily saw from far.

It sell lots of tradisianal Chinses biscuit too.
How I wish I have more stomach on this vacation....................
There are many types of noodles. The famous one is the duck leg noodle at RM7.00. For us who work in KL, this price was reasonable. especially when It was given a whole duck thigh.
This is yam fried with char siew. Very delicious too
Duck noodle soup based
The big duck drumstick. It was unbelievable tender and soft. the soup was nice with longan and 枸级子。 After this fantastic breakfast, we around Bidor street. Off we go Cameron Highland from Tapah Exit.


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