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Escape Heat to Sungai Chiling @ Kuala Kubu Bahru

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BF: Let escape KL heat
GF: OK lets go ^0^

the past few days was incredible dry and hot. Practically every 15 minutes i wish to take a bath again due to the heat. Today read newspaper only I realised that Klang valley was hit by heat wave. Thus it was incredible, un-human bearable hot. Not that I want to complain or grumble, but my rented room window was stuck with back alley. which the window of my neighbour was so close. The length between our house was so short I can barely hang my blanket to dry.... (This sound a  bit ah soh but what to do I love cleanliness ).

Hot air, bored air, heat wave just slowly creeping in the room as the sun shone birghter and moved on top of my head. In Buddhism this is called suffering........ I sleep in an oven. How I wish I am boy some time so I can take off my clothes to sleep......... (ok this sound abit 18xx ) In conclusion is that. KL IS DAMN HOT THIS WEEK.

is so nice that we come across a blogger who wrote a blog on Sungai Chiling. Thus, My owl bf was having very a "hardworking "night  to research on Sungai Chiling. hehhe so for me I just diam diam (silently) sit in his car and depart to Sungai Chiling.

Sungai Chiling was claim to be the most beautiful waterfall in Selangor. Hmm I can't say anything as this is my first waterfall trip in KL. It been almost a year I worked in KL. I practically work, eat and sleep more than travel. Reason saving money... (That will be another story)

The journey from Kuala Kubu Bharu to Sungai Chili Fish Santuary was full with greenery. The weather was so good. Therefore, we off the car's air condition , rolled down the window and enjoy the nature breeze. Peace...... Energy from mother earth..............coolness It take away our troublesome mind............

 This was the most interesting jungle trekking I ever done. not only we need to walk on jungle trek but also crossing the river. It supper cool. Is like after some long hot walk you have the chance to dip inside the water then walk again hahahahahah
Alot of fish. Fish is everywhere. Is so nice to see them swimming freely in clean and clear water

I am the only one walk bare foot along the way because I don't want to dirty my sport shoes. OH ya sport shoes was not needed for this trip any way
Lots of people at the pool

Chilling Waterfall
Picnic and resting mode
Collecting Mineral Water at the road side. The water was great. I just drink it after collect it. It was truly mineral water



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