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The creative way to write reminder

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I was writing some reminder for my company event. In the end I found it boring to write the NORMAL way so i decided to add some "fun" and "interactive" inside the reminder. Please do not feel offended. Programmer tend to have a stressful life. Thus we like to have fun some time ^^


- Please wear company T shirt else T shirt with collar
- Please wear sport shoes.
- please wear long pants/ sport wear(not loose pants)
- head gear will be provided (xxx do not provide showercap thus please bring your own napkin/ scarf/ tudung/cap/shower cap/whatever if you don't want an intimate touch between your hair and helmet)
- Long hair must be well-secured and kept under helmet.(this mean ***~.~)
- sunblock,sunglasses, longsleeve cover, tower and camera was encouraged to bring
- NO sandals and formal shoes please
- NO loose clothing while racing! This is to ensure safety.
- NO shawl was allowed
- NO need driving license for Go Kart
- NO jewellery allowed for safe game (can not bling bling other people eyes to win)
- Have FUN

Ps: luckily my boss no said anything after received the reminder above. Malaysia Boleh! Programmer BOLEH


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