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Highlands Apiary Farm @ Tanah Rata

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Next we visit Highlands Apiary Farm. It have ample space of parking. The garden was beautiful too. I can't help snapping my photos away
Little purple flower
Vegetable Farm apposite Bee Farm
There is a love shape pond with some Japanese koi fish in the center of the garden
The hibiscus at Cameron Highland was big and colourful
We also self pick strawberry at the bee farm. This box is around RM8. Although is a bit expensive, we had fun self pluck.... In the end, I eat up all the strawberry
Kids are having fun too
rows of strawberry plants

This Farm can be found on the way up to tanah rata from tapah way. I like this garden because it was small yet it was like hidden jem in the small  road. The time we visit is lunch time. thus the crowd was less. really like the serene environment


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