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Honey, I terjatuh the Car @ Lata Iskandar

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So the story go like that.... We were very excited to saw the waterfall from far. So I request CS to stop by to have a look. So he park nearby the waterfall.The Next thing I heard is "Tup" Opss........
Honey, the car drop into the drain. The gear box can not be change mode too. CS trying to clear off some soil so we can jet higher the car.
The other side of the car was still safe on land
The shop keepers was very nice and kind. They help us without any repay. They even find us a piece of wood so the tyre can move on it.
3 of  them trying to jet higer the car so the wood piece can be slid under the tyre
Once the piece of wood is under, CS try to start the engine. Aiya can not start because It was in manual mode................>.< CS was so cute he forget to change to gear box to auto mode so we can change the gear box to reverse mode.

The shopkeeper owner was kind to help us with steering and drive out of the drain. When CS was busy, I was busy taking photos and chat with other shop keeper. This drain was builded several months ago to lead the water away. Last time without this drain, car usually stuck in mud. he almost laugh out saying that this was the first time a car drop into a drain............................hahahhahahah paiseh paiseh CS
A beautiful waterfall was welcoming us on the journey to Cameron Highland. This event was a good memory to us on this journey ^^
CS you are so cute muack ^^


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