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Food journal in Korea - Part 1

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Our first meal in Korea


Place: Food On Air, Incheon Airport.

Price: 9,000 won  / RM24.78

My comment: lots of vegetables (like)

CS's comment: no meat.....................

Name: Dakgabi, Frozen Maggo drink, ice cream

Place: Red Sun, Myeongdong

Price:14,000 won  / RM38.60

My comment:very fun see korean lengzhai cook for us. compare to malaysia food, the spiciness was "boleh tahan" type.

CS's comment: very nice aahh, got fish cake, egg, abit spicy but just one word very good

 Boiled pork meal set
 korean seafood pancake

 my first time see live octopus. I have a shock.our next table order octopus hotpot. the waitress just put the live octopus in. Amitabha......
 I not sure how to pronounce the shop name

Name: Boiled pork meal set, Seafood Pancake

Place:Best Mung bean pancake, Insadong (actually i don't know what the shop name

Price:22,000 won  / RM60.65

My comment: It served varies type of raw vegetable. I like the experience of trying all those raw vegetables wrao. The seafood pancake was the biggest I ever seen. In every bite of the pancake, there are lots of octopus. really like the pancake

CS's comment: the seafood pancake was the best (then the next thing he went quiet. keep eating the pancake)

PS: CS have this interesting character when come to food. If delicious, he will be very quiet. if the meal is vegetarian or not nice, he will be very noisy


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