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Food journal in Korea - Part 2

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 Chrysanthemum chocolate cake
Green Tea Roll

O'sulloc Tea Creator House

Name: Jeju Green tea, Chrysanthemun Chocolate cake, green tea roll

Place:O'sulloc Tea Creator House, Insadong

Price:8,550 won  / RM23.57

My comment: chocolate cake ...... no chrysanthemum taste. green tea roll was great

CS's comment:.....................(speechless)

 Korean Fried Chicken aka KFC
Name:Two Two Fried Chicken Original Taste

Place:Two Two Fried Chicken, Myeongdong

Price:15,000 won  / RM41.35

My comment: too hearty so vomit

CS's comment: sorethroat

Name:Fried Octopus, Boiled fish cake, kimchi fish cake, hotdog bread, fried dumpling, died seaweed with noodle

Place:a shop near Jechon Station

Price:7,000 won  / RM19.30

My comment: i liked the boild fish cake

CS's comment: hotdog bread was terrible

Name:Wild vegetable rice

Place:a shop near Jeanseon Market

Price:7,000 won  / RM19.30

My comment: i like the fragrance of the vegetable

CS's comment: (very very noisy) because no meat =.=


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