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Food journal in Korea - part 3

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 Food display on Namdaemun
 Korea Dumpling
Korea Dumpling soup

Name: Korean Dumpling soup

Place:a shop in Namdaemun

Price:5,000 won  / RM13.80

My comment:The dumpling is nice. by now i a bit scard of kimchi

CS's comment: (very quiet)

Traditional Korea biscuit

Name: Traditional Korea biscuit

Place:a shop in Namdaemun

Price:1,000 won  / RM2.80

My comment: interesting because it was empty inside with a thin layer of syrup

CS's comment: very full (because just finish dumpling soup)

 Strawbery banana juice
caramel coffee

Name: Fruit juice and coffee

Place:a shop in Honggik University

Price:6,500 won  / RM17.92

My comment: the combination of strawberry with banana was great. sweet sour taste

CS's comment: (shaking his head) not nice >.<

Name: Ginseng Chicken Soup

Place: As shown as photo above, Myeongdong

Price:18,000 won  / RM50.00

My comment:very big portion. inside the chicken was stuffed with glutinous rice. The ginseng smell was strong.

CS's comment:(very quiet)

 charcoal for bbq

 bbq beef. this shop best seling beef. their marine sauce was so called secret from grandfather

 bbq pork
Name: Korean BBQ meat

Place:as shown as photo, Myeongdong

Price:44,000 won  / RM121.30

My comment: The beef was really good. Mostly Japanese eat here. I got the feeling I was in Japan not Korea as everyone speak Japanese.

CS's comment: best meal I had in Korea (because it was meat =.=""")


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