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Spa On Air @ Incheon Airport, Korea

We need to catch a flight at 8.25am. Thus we choose Spa On Air for overnight rest to avoid the travel hassle at dawn.

Private room 12,000won
night time entrance fee 20,000won
TOTAL : 32,000 won per person / RM88.22

 female private room. There are total 6 private sleeping rooms. each room have 2 power plug, one bed and very little place.It was impossible to put luggage insede the room. Must reserve early for the room. Before I departure to Korea, I requested a korean boss to help me reserve by phone. The receptionist speak very little english.
 There are a few big mirror in the changing room
 Things that provided for customer
 our luggage was left outside with net cover it. The receptionist will look after for us. He gave us a number tag to indicate our luggage.
 Female changing room
 fan, hair dryer was provided
 Everyone was provided with a small cabinet to hang your clothe
 There are hot sauna, cold sauna, dry sauna, steam sauna. A very good place to rest before you catch a flight in the morning. there are good wifi range at the receptionist area. But we need to sit on the floor as no chair was provided. Some photo of other place such as lounge and bath area photo was not taken for privacy purpose


  1. thanks for the good pictures and interesting informations: I travel to Malaysia again on Monday - but first time via Korea: so I look, what I can do during the long time on the airport...

    1. Rest well at the airport. A good rest before a great journey!!


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