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Jeongsan Auraji Rail Bike

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Travel To Jeongsan from Seoul is far. Initially I was interested to join Korean Wave Express to Nami Island. The schedule of the trip was well planned. Unfortunately, reservation was full. Thus I ask the guide weather there still any places for Auraji Rail Bike Package. We were lucky that there were still some seats left. Although before I departure to Seoul, I visited their website. In the website, It stated that weekend reservation been filled up.

I really felt very lucky that on the spot we still can join this tour.
Seoul Station Track 11 waiting for our train to depart to Jechon
Jechon Station
This house was beautiful. This house was seen on the way to Jechon
A morning market near Jeongsan Auraji. 

Our lunch near the market.The onee (waitress that serve us) totally can not speak English. Our conversation went like this

Waitress: Anehasayo...
me: "smiling face" went to the furthest table and sit down
waitress: "korean....................question" her gesture show that she want to take order
 me: take out my camera show her the chicken soup photo
waitress: "korean .................answer"
me:???????????????? huh
waitress:"korean .................answer" She repeated her self and make a sign language of phone call
me: ooohhhh ok ok
cs: huh
me: point the next table that have empty bowl..... (actually I was not sure what food is that)
waitress: ooohhh "hana" "korean word again...........(i can only recognise hana as in japanese language it mean flower)
I really want to thank Sato sensei that taugght me japanese in University time. at least still can understand some japanese. although at that time the waitress clearly speaking Korean.
as korean food was in big portion as the photo above. I keep showing her a gesture of "one"
She understood me when she served one bowl of rice  with 8 dishes of side dishes.
Since me and cs are sharing this big portion of meal, I need an extra bowl.
I took the next table empty finish bowl.Walk to the couter and said "Ajuma"
That all I know in korean. then i keep pointing to the bowl and make the gesture  of one
aaahhh she understood me again as she gave me a clean empty bowl. I felt blessed as I overcome the language barrier.
The home style kitchen in the restaurant we ate
As we finish the meal, another question how to pay the bill.
lucky I have some experience while traveling in Thailand before.
The power of CALCULATOR.
I gave the waitress the calculator and show her my purse.
once again she understood me and input 7000won in the calculaor.

This was truly an unique experience of order food. I love it.
However, CS was very noisy during the meal time. Reason it was wild vegetable rice set. no meat was served at all. 
......................(speechless) I found the meal delicious as i like vegetable.

In the end to curb his desire for meat. He bought a cup of caramel coffee. We was surprised that that cup of coffee was the best coffee we ever drink in this Korea trip. The coffee shop's name was best bean coffee. In this remote area of Korea, the coffee tasted so much better than those we bought in Seoul.

I love this little cottage

I truly love this rail bike experience. Cycling with your loved under the cool sunny day. As the bike drive through the forest and farm land. Breeze passed  through our face. This experience I will never forget.

For self travel to Jeongsan Auraji Rail Bike, please visit
She written a detail way to reach Jeongsan Auraji rail Bike.

I joined korailtravel for this trip. It really save my time by arranging all the transportation. It is interesting to join south korea local tour. With only 2 pair of couple speak English, I really enjoy travel with Korean.

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  1. Q1) May i know how can we make the booking for this tour package?
    Are you going with a Korean with Korean nationality? If yes, request him or her to book for you. Rail bike trip dont really open to foreigner.

    Q2) Can we go direct to the korail office to make booking?
    Strongly encourage. However, it depends on availability. Talk slowly when asking to join the korail rail bike. It will be great ifyou have google traslate app with you. You just type your question in the app to communicate with korail personnel is better.

    Q3) How much for the package and how long the journey?
    580,000 won if not mistaken.
    7.30am we need to meet up the tour guide at seoul station. There are around 30++ group members. Mostly korean. around 7.45am the train will depart to jechon. After 3 hours ride, all of us take bus at Jechon station. another 1 hour ride to a local market for lunch. around 2.30pm only we have rail bike. around 4.30pm, the tour guide brought us to watch some kind of theather show. after the show, the bus took us to jechon train station. Another 3 hours ride back to seoul station.

    Hmmm I would said is a whole day trip. I encouraged you to take the package. The places really far and remote. If you do not go by tour package, the rail bike personnel don't really let foreigner play too. This is another visitors told me. She tried to go by her own.

    Hope you enjoy the ride as i do. The scenery is great


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