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Review On Seoul Trip

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Thanks to Air Asia promotion, we managed to grab cheap air ticket to travel to Seoul. What you pay is What you get. Sitting at a posture 90 degree for 7 hours was really not a joke. We did not have a good rest in the flight. Thus on the following day, we need to rearrange planned itinerary. We really rest and nap a lot on the first day we reach Seoul.

Thanks to Namsan Guest House, we managed to check in early at 11am. The normal check in time was 2pm. We were really tired and having backache when reached our room. The only thing we could do was take off shoes and flop down to dream land. The location of Namsan 1 was a bit far from subway station. The room was stuffy due to small window. We didn't feel any dissatisfaction as the room was clean. Cleanliness was all it matter for me.

Another big thanks to Korea Tourist Information Center, M Plaza. The girls there were very helpful. We really respect their professionalism. For example, we was asking on Nami Island route. She immediately search online, print out the train schedule, map, bus route. She even translated in English. She kept asking weather is there anything else she can help us (>.< we forget to ask for her name). I really owe her a big thank. 

In the trip, there were a few things I would like mentioned here

1) Lenglui , Beauty / Langzai, Handsome
It was a feast for my eyes. Every where was pretty ladies that wear light make up and do their hair nicely. Even the street selling ajuma and cleaning officer was well dressed and wear light make up. Now on guy. They are tall, fair and really handsome. I really wish I can sit down and watch them. Is like having a fashion show when walking in Korea. CS had to keep reminding to keep my mouth shut(accidently open my mouth without notice). I was drift off to other lands when seeing their handsomeness.This scene was a gelato to my eyes

2) Toilet
Free toilets was everywhere. Is like every 500m you can find a toilet. During cold weather time, we need not to worry searching for clean toilet. Most of the toilet will equip with toilet paper too. 

3) Meal
Kimchi and other korean side dishes will be served in every meals. A bottle of cold water was served too. There is no need to order drinks as we did not take shoju. Waitress was kind to let us refill our water bottle too.

4) Fashion
In Myeongdong and Hongik University area, There were many fashion shop or boutique shops. I was not a fashion person. Window shopping was enough for me

5) Transportation
Most of the tourist areas were near to subway station. It was informative too. The kiosk was designed with 4 languages, English, Korea, Chinese and Japanese.It was nice to walk around with light sweater in cool spring weather.

6) Skin care / Cosmetic
This was a heaven for ladies' skin. There were lots. They are generous on given free sample too. Discount coupon can be found in visitkoreayear website too.

7) Coffee
This coffee culture was quite a curious culture for me. While walking from CheongDukGung Palace to Bukchon Village, it was lunch time for officer employees. Almost everyone of them were carry a cup of coffee. The aroma of coffee was filling the air as we walk along. Is that really a need to drink coffee? I don't drink coffee so I did not understand their enthusiasm.  In the end, CS been buying coffee when there were coffee shop..............

8) Money
In Malaysia, we had RM 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 note. In Korea, they had 1000, 5000, 10 000 , 50 000 won note. Till this day, I still not used to so many zeros. lucky the cashier are friendly to point out which money for paying. (may be next time get a guy to do paying job hehehhehhe)

9) Language Barrier
Most of the Korean I met spoke little English. However, they were helpful to point out the direction, help me do packing, use sign language to explain to us. A big Sadhu to all the boddhisatu that help us. Actually I quite to use sign language with them. It was fun to communicate this way too.

10) Nature
It was Spring season we visited. Greenery was sprouting everywhere. Wild flowers blooming. I really feel peace with the beauty of mother nature

11) Apps
There are 2 Apps on Google Play that were helpful when travel in Korea. iTourSeoul and Jihachul

12) Korean Products
Kia, Hyundai, Samsung, LG, K pop, Korean Skin Care Line, Lotte..... Korean are proud for their products. But I saw many people use iphone......hmmmm

13) Couple
aaahhh this another culture shock to me. Couple was practically snuggling to each other every where they go.Espcially at Namsan mountain, I really had an eye opener. So many couples there. In the darkness, couples suddenly start kissing. turn right, turn left also kissing. Malaysia was Islam country. I been a buddhist. This was too shocking scene to my heart. Love is in the Korea Namsan air

In short, I had a wonderful and romantic trip with my beloved boyfriend, CS. He was great in carry my shopping bags. He calculated faster than me when buying things. He did tax refund while I do packing in Lotte Mart.What amaze me the most was he ate vegetable meal. A big round of applause to him.

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