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Lovely Spring South Korea Itinerary 2012


09 May 2012 Wednesday
5.00pm  go home to take bag
6.00pm raining heavily. Thanks to my good jie mui, fetching us to LRT station
8.00pm reach KL central to catch 8pm skybus
9.30pm reach LCCT to print boarding pass
10.10pm still waiting for Mary Brown to serve the curry mee(due to no other choices, we only allow to order curry mee)
10.20pm rush to buy water before the gate close
10.30pm walking for 1km to reach our airplane
11.00pm  flight take off to Seoul
11.30pm sleep in with back 90 degree all the way (we got backache the second day)

10 May 2012 Thursday
6.30am reach Incheon Airport
7.30am Eat our first meal, bibimbap at Food on Air
9.00am take Arex depart to Seoul Station
10.00am reach seoul station
10.30am did not  manage to register for Korea Wave Express Tour
11.10am reach Namsan Guest House, Myeongdong (Thanks to the helpful receptionist, we are allow to check in early ^^)
2.00pm finally have a good nap before tour around Myeongdong
3.00pm visited Korea Tourist Information Center to make reservation for Nanta and MISO performance
4.00pm eat dakgabi at Red Sun
5.00pm Watch Nanta at Myeongdong Nanta Theather
7.00pm eat the longest ice cream in Myeongdong
8.00pm try Hanbuk at M Plaza
9.00pm Slept soundly due to the jet lag

11 May 2012 Friday
8.30am visited Changgyeong Palace
10.30am visited ChangDeokGung Palace
12.00noon visited Bukchon Village
2pm ate boiled pork meal and seafood pancake near Angguk Subway exit 2
3pm enjoy traditional Korea tea ceremony
4pm visit Joyyesa Temple, Insadong
4.30pm visit Ssamziegil, Insadong
5.00pm eat tea break at O'sulloc tea culture creator, Insadong
6.00pm visit  Cheonggyecheon Stream
7.00pm walk to Chongdong Theather for MISO
8.00pm watch MISO
10.00pm eat twotwo fried chicken for supper
11.30pm sleep

12 May 2012 Saturday
7.30am meet tour guide at Seoul Station
8.03am take Munghwa Train to Jechon Station, Jeongseon Province
11.15am take bus to Cheongnyangni market
12.00noon reach Cheongnyangni market for lunch
2.30pm assemble to visit Jeongsean Auraji RailBike 
4.00pm watch "Mother" musical performance
6.00pm tour around Jecheon Station
7.45pm depart to Seoul
10.45pm reach Seoul Station
12.00am sleep 

13 May 2012 Sunday
9.00am tour and eat breakfast at Namdaemun
10.30am Visit DeokSuGung Palace
12.00noon visit Honggik University
3.00pm eat Ginseng Chicken/Samyetang at Yeongyang Center
4.00pm shopping around Myeongdong
8.00pm eat korean BBQ at  ZhongYi HuiGuang 中一会馆
9.00pm visit Namsan mountain
10.00pm take luggage and rush to Seoul Station
11.20pm catch the last AREX to Incheon airport
12.00am check in Spa On Air
1.00am finally manage to log in airasia to buy luggage weight

14 May 2012 Monday
5.00am have korean style shower, hot sauna and cold sauna at Spa On Air
7.00am check in luggage
7.40am eat breakfast at tradisional Korean House, before Gate 110
8.45am take air asia to go home
2.00pm reach LCCT (very very hot weather)
3.00pm take skybus to kl central
5.00pm reach home sweet home


  1. hi, i came across ur blog n saw ur travel diary to seoul. i'm planning to go seoul as well so i would like to ask u some opinion. i read alot of msian staying in namsan guesthouse. since u stay there b4, do u recommend tis guesthouse? i heard it's quite compact n location is quite up hill?

    it's very far from the subway? i read that seoul subway don't have escalator and haf to drag the luggage's all the way using the stairs

  2. hi I agreed that the room was small and the window is small. I stayed at namsan guesthouse 1 which is the furthest from the subway station. But it was the cheapest I found that meet my condition. Namsan guesthouse 3 is much nearer to subway.

    Seoul subway almost same with malaysia subway that it only have one way escalator but staircase to go up and down. If you are shopping type, I do not recommend.

    Try to find Hostel, guest house or hotel around hongik university station. the subway at hongik university is equip with lif and escalator. It is a stop for AREX line too ^^


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