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Unfortunate Event

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2 August 2012

Reach home. I was shocked to see the house gate, iron grill door and sliding door was left open. There was an red umbrella left there too. My first instinct was my house been break in... I look up there was light on third floor. Fear that the thief is still inside. I anxiously called my house mates and bf.

I was holding tightly to a broom waiting at the car pouch. My boyfriend reached here. Since he been a guy, he walked inside to investigate. When he came out of the house, he told me all the room was messy and things were gone. I immediately called 911

911:  hello sini 911
me: Encik, rumah saya masuk pencuri
911: ok saya akan sambung anda ke balai police
police: nama cik?
me: xxxxxx
police: tel?
911: alamat?
me: xxxxx................
police: ok sekarang saya hantar police ke rumah anda. anda bertunggu di luar sekejap
me: terima kasih

We ask a few of our guy friends to accompany us.

One of my house mate was backed. I search on phone for the nearest police station tel. I called to the nearest one

me: encik saya telephone report rumah saya masuk pencuri pada 7.30pm. bila police sampai?
police: you call mana ini?
me: I called 911 dan dia cakap akan hantar sebentar.
police: ooh nama?
me: xxxxxxx
police: tel?
me: xxx-xxxxx
police: alamat?
me: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
police: sekejap kami akan hantar sebentar lagi
me: the telephone hang down by police

I called the police again, asking what time they are coming? they ask me to wait inside the living hall. police will reach soon. Bf used his camera to take photos for evidence.

I called the police again

Me: Encik bila sampai? tadi saya called 7.30pm tapi police belum sampai
police: nama cik?
me: xxxxxx
police: tel?
911: alamat?
me: xxxxx................
police: itu pencuri sudah pergi?
Me: ya
police: thn you kena datang balai police buat report lah. baru kami boleh hantar orang ambil photo.
Me: Apa document perlu bawa?
police: ic lah
Me: thanks

9.15pm - 10.00pm
Made police report. Met investigator.Sargen asked us to go home as the CSI was on their way.

waited at home

CSI reached. He took out camera just shoot 2 photos of each room. 2 photo of the gate. 2 photo of the sliding door. No finger print was taken. The umbrella we asked him to take back since it was left by the thief.    CSI taught us how to lock the sliding door for that night. ask us to changed to the older design lock.

finish cleaning the house

Refer the story above, I do not wish to comment on the effectiveness of the police. I lost my beloved dslr canon 500d and toshiba laptop. My room's door was beyond repair.

Thank you everyone who help us during this unfortunate event and aftermath.

Despite this unfortuned event, I wish everyone can live in peace, secure and healthy. May all be well.
Once is gone , we can't do any thing but let it go
Focus on the present and plan for the future


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