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Bali "Chopping board" Experience

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"Kena Ketuk", "Disembelihkan" , 砍菜头(kan cai tou), chopping board are some term used in Malaysia to refer to been over charged or cheated. I would like to share my experiences. Hopefully other can avoid this kind of experience.
Kecak Dance performance at GWK

1) 100K rupiah to Kuta (per person)
After we stepped out of Denpasar Airport, the only that attract me was paper. Lots of local holding up paper with name. Practically all the iron grid was leaned by tour operator or driver. We wanted to walk to taxi  counter.  Before we can walk to the taxi counter( we take the wrong turn, it should be right not left), a taxi driver approached us. 

Driver : Where are you going? pergi mana?
Friend : Kuta
Driver : 100k .... rupiah
Friend and I opened our eyes to the biggest.............
Driver : per person

Please research before go Bali. The minimum price from Denpasar airport to Kuta is 50k rupiah. No we did not take him. We walk off to taxi counter.

2) Kuta and Seminyak is Different Place.....
At the taxi counter, 

Receptionist : Hi where you want to go?
Friend: Kuta
Receptionist : which hotel?
Friend: Everyday Smart Hotel
Receptionist : 70k rupiah
Friend : not 50k rupiah meh? Kuta leh! ( Malaysian, we can't help with all the leh, mah, emh, loh ^^)
Receptionist: No, your hotel is at Seminyak not Kuta
Friend : but our receipt said is Kuta
Receptionist : Seminyak (Firmly)

When reach  hotel, we ask the hotel receptionist. Kuta or Seminyak???  hotel receptionist said it firmly KUTA.

let the driver earn some too.(provided you have enough tips (~.~ saya pun tak cuckup duit)

3) Taxi Meter Waiting Fee
The taxi we took to Tanah Lot added some value to the meter as waiting charge. We did not mind since he waited for us 2 hours at Tanah Lot Parking area.  When we reached our hotel, he request another round of waiting fee. We paid what written in the meter as he already added a large sum in the meter.

There is only one waiting fee per location

4) Menjangan  Island Snorkeling
This one we did not researched well. The diver charged us 500k rupiah per person. It supposed to be 300k rupiah. We noticed only when we check with hotel guide book. The receipt clearly written 4 drinks. We only got 2 drinks during snorkeling

Please have a researched price list before go

Below will be the "chopping board" experience of my bf, CS. He went on 18 August 2012 to 22 August 2012. I went on 15 August 2012 to 22 August 2012. CS went with 3 more friends, K1, K2 and T.

5) Been dragged into shop ? Ditarik masuk kedai
CS, K1, K2 and T were exiting one of the temple. When they reached the van, only did they realise T was missing. T had been dragging into a shop for 5 minutes. The shop keeper was a lady. By the time, K1 and K2 found him. T still bargained with the lady. To escape the "evil hand", T was forced to buy a T shirt

Please bring a girl when travel in Bali

6) 1 Million Rupiah Meal in Jimbaran
4 guys eat seafood dinner at jimbaran. The dinner set is only 5 dishes. Fish, scallop, prawn , crab and a vegetables. They only ordered fruit juice. The bill was 1 Million Rupiah..... 

Please eat seafood in Malaysia.

7) T Shirt Tactic
CS was exiting the temple tour. All the temple exit will end up in a maze of souvenir shops. He accidentally have an eye contact with one of the shop keeper lady.

Shop lady : Sir see! see! see! see! ( then she put a T shirt on his shoulder)
CS: Don't want ( throw back to her)
Shop lady: no no sir buy! sir buy! cheap cheap 50k (lady throw back to him)
CS: Don't want! tak mau! ( walk further away and attempt to throw back
Shop lady: no no sir take! sir take! cheap cheap 50k only
 in then end no sure how many round of throwing and catching, CS bargain for 15k. After he paid, he can safely walk out the "maze"

Please bring a girl if you want to exit temple or buy souvenir. 

A story shared by my friend, CL's personal Bali experience. He travelled in May 2012

8) Well Prepared Traffic Police

CL rented a motorbike in Kuta. He was waiting for the traffic light signal. It was red at that time However, motobiker drivers behind him were horning him. Without any choices, He push his bike over the line so other riders can pass by him. Next a traffic police walk out and ask him to park at the road side. He told CL that  CL broke the law of drive past the red light. The police even show him a nicely laminated traffic ticket price list(in Malaysia and Indonesia, we called it Saman). He hinted CL that by paying 50% of the ticket fee to ease the problem. Unfortunately, CL did not have enough cash at the time. The police even accompanied CL to money changer. In the end, under table money(Duit Kopi) settle all.

Under table money(Duit Kopi)  is an unwritten law in certain country


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