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What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

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Why take photo? To capture the moment and memory

Today, every smartphone equipped with camera. Everyone will carry a DSLR, mirror less len camera or compact camera. Thus, most of the people like to take photo then share in on Facebook, instagram, blog or photobook.

What so good about Sony Cyber-shot WX100??

18.2MP “Exmor R™” CMOS Sensor with Extra High Sensitivity technology
an image will be clear and vibrant with 18.2MP. The effect will be great if seen it on large TV ^^. I can easily show my photos to my grandmum without she strengthen her eyesight

10x Optical Zoom
Hmm this usually happen to me when I travel with my boyfriend.

Me: Hi can you help me take a photo with that background?
Boyfriend: Ya sure ( taking over the camera and busy pressing the zooming button).... Hi are you ready? ( without saying anything, he shot the photo O.O)
Me: let me see! let me see!
Boyfriend:(cheeky smile) Hi girl I think your pimple is getting larger
Me: (punch him) WHY you focus at the wrong place? take again
Boyfriend: (laughing) Ok! OK!

Yes, It will be a great way to identify your pimple...........................

High-speed Auto Focus
Dance is a ever changing art routine with music. During a performance, the dance steps will be so fast sometime quite impossible to shot it clearly.I love to watch art performance. If permission was given, I will try my best to capture the best dance technique of the performance. High speed Auto Focus definitely will help me solve it.

20x Clear Image Zoom
This remind me of a joke I saw on Facebook previously. We used to pray before eating but now a day we take photo before we eat. I used to take photo before I eat. However, not with my parent or best friends. They do not like the idea of DSLR finding the good position, good lighting and something big places above the food. Most importantly we like to eat it while hot. Thus, with 20x clear image zoom, I can captured the food photo fast enough before anyone pick up their culinary.

9 Picture Effect modes
Wow you can straight away edit the effect on camera immediately after taking the photo. No need to transfer into PC, open software, decision of choosing , save then post.  I can save the process of editing.

Full HD recording with Optical SteadyShot
I love taking dance or performing art scene. I can shot a HD video immediately without blurly image. I usually help my ballerina friends to take their video

Friend: I going do this routine you help me to shot nice nice one aaahh
Me: oooh ok (positioning myself, taking the camera) ok start the music
Friend dance finish
Friend: so how was it?
Me: erm the middle part I hand shake a bit can you dance again? (paiseh  lah hand got tired)
Friend: #_)$&%$*&*

This camera can really help me.

Smallest and Light Weighted
Travel light is the key to walk and see further. My dad hate to see me carry DSLR around. He always complain a short girl like me carry bulgy bag around look like a kangaroo. (Great Kangaroo in Malaysia ~.~) . With this camera, I can just easily slide it inside my bag and take it everywhere I go

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With the help of this camera, it really can help me a lot in my daily life ^^


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