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Bali Driver Experience

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+62 819 997 963 09
Tomy Bali Facebook account
KaKaoTalk : tomybali7761

 Please call him personally if you need Bali driver service

Since May 2012, we contacted Wayan Andy to be our driver. Wayan Andy was quite famous among Malaysian. Most of the blogger wrote about him. However, he arranged Tomy as our driver.We really grateful Tomy been our driver for 5 days. We chartered him since 17 August 2012 to 21 August 2012.Although we had a small misunderstanding with Mr Wayan Andy, Tomy still willing to fetch us around. ( In the end, We solved out with Mr Wayan Andy, no unhappiness was created)

We plan our itinerary based on some blogger or website reviews. Unfortunately, the route was different from most of the Aseans' route. Thus, we discuss the best route that can visit most of the places within the petrol budget.

 We are his first customer that have the "extraordinary" journey.  Most of the Aseanita(new term created by Air Asia) prefer to visit shopping, spa, massage or near to Kuta area. We are special one

 We break his many record.
1) We stay at 6 hotels within 8 days
2) He have to stay with us for 3 days since the journey is too far from Kuta
3) We are his first client to go Pemuteraan
4) We keep asking him to help us find "perangko" or stamp (We need stamp for mailing purpose)

What so great about Tomy?
1) He make sure our safety
2) He let us know the best price for souvenir ( at least we girl can know the price before we go for "bargain" training / dealing with seller ^^)
3) He recommend good food
4) He specialized in East of Bali (He have tour guide certificate)
5) He explained Bali culture well
6) He speak good Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia. English and Japanese is ok to him.
7) We met a bad guy in Bedugul. He was willing to spent half a day to help us.
8) He willing to work overtime
9) He willing to listen to us

If you plan to charted a driver in Bali, please take note
1) Please tell your tour guide or driver your itinerary clearly.
Ubud, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Tanjung Benoa are considered short distance / "Jarak Pendek"
North of Bali(Lovina, Pemuteraan, Singaraja)  and West of Bali are considered long distance / " Jarak Jauh"

2) Please get the full day/half day price clearly before you reach Bali

3) Driver will usually bring you to the place they can get commission. If you want to avoid go to those place, talk nicely and discuss with the chartered price.


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