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Bali Trip 2012 Review

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To quote from Ajahn's book, Opening The Door of Your Heart,

"Grant yourself a moment of peace 
and you will understand 
how foolishly you have scurried about." 

So plan for yourself a retreat today.

Bali, Thousand Temples Island. It truly live up to its name. No matter where you go sure there is a temple/ Pura. It is really a good place to relax( hmm some how). Most of the tourist attraction places need entrance fee and parking fee. When you want to buy souvenir at any of the market, you need to negotiate and bargain with all the skills you have.

What I learned/reseached about Bali before the trip?

  •  it is a cheap place for Malaysian to travel (depend on the type of accommodation)
  •  It is a good place to relax
  •  tourist should do spa and massage there
  •  For non-muslim, you should try Babi guling, cripsy duck, nasi campur, masakan padang and Avacado juice
Sun  Rise at Lovina

What I learned about Bali after the trip?

  • As I traveled, I found that Bali was too commercialized.
  •  Every thing need to bargain or negotiate.
  •  most of the travel attraction is a bit far. You need motorbike, car or bicycle to reach.
  •  Since January 2012, most of the entrance fee been increased.
  • what we see from map is near but some how it was impossible to walk.
  •  When you ask for direction, no matter how short or how far the distance is, people will try to convince you to get a taxi or cab. Then they will come up with all the transportation contact
  •  Kuta seem to jam every minute, hour and day
  •  Bali driver do not like other state car to enter Bali
  •  Some food are expensive due to popularity and location
  •  I in love with Ibu Oka Babi Guling Special
  • Ubud Is a nice place to relax and view greenery
  •  Bedugul is a very cool and windy place just like our Malaysia Cameron Highland
  •  When ever you want to cross the road, rise up your "god ' hand", car or motobike will slow down a bit
  •  When ever you want to cross the road, somehow one or two Bali people will shown up help you to stop the car from both direction. They are very friendly. They ask for nothing in return too.
  •   Bali driver or tour guide like you to take photo of their attraction or animal
  •  They will said "poto, poto". Initially I thought was I look around for potato plant. Then they make take photo pose only i realise "poto" = "photo"
  • Bahasa Indonesia is 50% different from Bahasa Malaysia
  • Bali people is very friendly toward tourist
  • Kissing and hugging is common ( we were shocked to see westerner couple kiss at street. deep one)
  • Most of the food i ate have 10% or 15% pajet (tax)
  • Kintamani restaurant have the highest tax i ever paid in Bali, 21%
  • Never underestimate the monkeys
  • Bali people's driving skill is fantastic ( i almost have heart attack a few time)
  • Duit Kopi (under table money) is common in Bali
  • There are lots of prayers going on in Bali
  • Balinese grandmum are very professional in making Canang( flower offering)
  • The interior design of bali house was great. It was full with carving. Their veranda usually is facing beautiful Bali style garden
  • Bali people seem to be carefree and relax
  • There are less clouds in Bali
  • No matter how I apply sun screen lotion, I still get sun burn
  • Bali father will give their son a house at the age of 15
  • To Balinese, experience is more useful or  important than education
  • Balinese like to ask tourist " Ini kali keberapa datang Bali?".(Is this your first time visit Bali?) or Where are you from? In the end, my friend feed up with this question. She answer "dunia" (I come from World)

Overall, I have great fun in Bali.  


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