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Dome Paint Ball Team Building @ The Summit, Subang Jaya

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21 September 2012
This quarter, our team decided to have paint ball as team building. To ensure we will not face weather problem, we opt for Dome Paint Ball. Dome Paint Ball was located at The Summit. It is an indoor paint ball field with air conditional.

Our team consists of 13 persons. Unfortunately, one of the team member was sick on the day.

Safety briefing was given by the marshal. although the marshal mentioned he was unfamiliar with English, he still can explained well to us in English.

We played 4 games.

1) Testing
All of us line up horinzontally. We practised the correct way to hold marker and aiming skill

2) Elimination Game
12 persons was divided into 2 teams. 2 team will shot each other. Once a person was get shot/painted, the person required to put his hand on head and walk out to death zone. No one was allowed to shot person with hand placed on head.

3) Second Elimination Game

4) Life and Death Game
Flag was placed on wall. Each team must grab another team flags. The first team that collected all the flag is winner. Game will be terminated once flags was collected. This game was designed by Whisley.

The scariest part of the game was been shot and the marker sound.
1) An instant pain will be felt when we been shot. Bruises will appear after the game.
2)The marker was controlled by the gas tank attached behind. It created a very scary sound.

Overall, we really have  great fun. No pain no gain

Dome Paint Ball
The SUMMIT USJ, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, , 47600
03-8024 1780. 016-3354612, 012-2313311

Parking Fee: RM1 (first 3 hours)


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