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Food Journal in Bali

Name: Onde-Onde dessert

Place:A grandmum selling this at Tanah Lot

Price: 5,000 rupiah / RM1.60

Review: I love the idea of banana leaves as container. The stick is made out of coconut. It is very delicious and sweet. Almost same as Malay Onde-onde( i forget the Indonesia name).

 Bintang Beer
 Vegetable Curry Rice
Nasi Campur Special

Name: Bintang Beer, nasi Campur Special and Vegetable Curry Rice

Price: 161,000 rupiah / RM50.55

Review: Nasi Campur is very big portion. The portion is enough for 2 persons. Vegetable curry not much to said. For me, I tried Bintang beer once is enough. I do not like alcohol. Overall, we found the food is overprice.

Name: Crispy Duck Set, Bali Fruit Salad, Hot Jasmine Tea

Jl. Hanoman, Padang TEgal
Ubud - BALI 80571
Tel: (62.361) 975489/977675
Fax:(62.361) 975489

Price: 157,080 rupiah / RM49.32

Review: The best crispy duck I ever have. I can't help thinking how they cook the duck. Duck is a kind of meat quite hard to cook. Yet the meat was well marinated and well fried. The bone are very crispy too. Another point for the dish is the side source. I really like the onion source. It taste so wonderful when eat with a piece of duck meat. Bali Fuit salad is more like cut fruit mixed with Gula Melacca ( Balck syrup) and coconut. We are quite taken back when the waiter informed us the hot tea can only be refilled once.(I do not know this rule apply in this cafe) It is a sad thing my boyfriend do not have the chance to taste this dish. He is an expert in tasiting duck dishes.

Name: (From Top Left) Kopi O' , Cinammon chocolate, Bali Coffee, Vanilla Coffee, Lemon Grass Tea, Ginger Tea, chocolate

Place: Sai Land Coffee Farm

Price: Free Testing

Review: I like the lemon grass tea and ginger tea. It was very soothing for my throat. Cinammon chocolate is too rich texture. I can not review on coffee as I do not drink coffee.

Name: Lunch Buffet

Place: Grand Puncak Sari, Kintamani

Price: 194,000 rupiah / RM60.92

Review: Frankly speaking, the food is normal. The scenery is the best thing there. We are quite shock with the high tax, 21%

Name: Fruit, Tea and Banana Pancake

Price: included in hotel room charge.

Review: the banana pancake was as good as written in tripadvisor. I miss the pancake now.

 Pancung Fried Rice
Pancung Grilled Chicken Set

Continental Breakfast


Name: Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken Set, Continental Breakfast

Place: Pancung Indah Restaurant, Tabanan

Price: dinner was 132,000 rupiah / RM41.45

Review: I found the fried rice tasted better than the grilled chicken. The chicken was no well marinate. Sate was great. The breakfast set was the best I ever had in Bali

Seafood Basket Platter

Name: seafood Basket Platter, chicken Curry Rice, watermelon juice, honey lassi, yogurt lassi

Place: Bamboo corner, Popies Lane 1, Kuta (Next to TJ Mexico)

Price: 111,000 rupiah / RM34.85

Review: Seafood Basket Platter was delicious. The crab was replaced with fish fillet. I like the sotong/squid and fried fish fillet. The lemon butter source was great but it was too little. It was quite sad that august was not a season for avocado. The shop was famous for avocado juice.

Name: Babi Guling Special

Place: Warung Ibu Oka,   (we went to the second branch as there are ample parking space and less crowd)
Warung Babi Gulng 2
Jalan Raya Tegas/ eliatan Ubud
082 897 005 063

Price: 49,500 rupiah / RM15.54

Review: The best pork dish I have in Bali. Hopefully I can eat this dish again. I totally speechless about the greatness of this dish



    i dah baca review u pasal your trip to bali..& this post..
    just one question...
    halal food is easy to find?
    i plan end this year pergi bali..solo trip..
    sekarang tengah study & research to make itinerary..
    your review about bali help me so much..tq! =)

    1. HI Fikri Zaini

      At Kuta, there is more Muslim food near the big mosque. Around the east of Bali, due to its location near to Medan, there are lots of Muslim too. When I went snorkeling around Pemuteraan, the town there actually have possession for Hari Raya.

      Don't worry. There are lots of Muslim food in Bali too. Those restaurant with pork and swine statue is quite big so can avoid.

      Kalau ada budget, dari Bali ambil bot ke Lombok. Lombok is just 2 hrs from Bali. Lombok have more Muslim.

      Hope you enjoy your trip ^^


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