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Food in Sekinchan

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Barli with lime RM1.30

Curry Mee RM3.50
It is full with ingredient... Not sure why all most all the stall are very generous in giving us char siew. This was hardly seen in Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru

Wan Tan Mee RM4.00
This was ordered from different stall. We were really surprised with the generousity of the stall owner on char siew.

Spicy Stir Fried Shark Meat RM15
The waitress promoted this dish to be cook with spicy bean paste. We did not find it too spicy but it is very delicious

Fried Cuttle Fish RM 13
It is not oily. Cuttle fish have different texture then squid or sotong that  we usually eat. The waitress said cuttle fish has no cholestrol compare to sotong. I not sure how true is that but is it indeed very delicious and crispy

Fish Ball soup RM9
How can we not eat fish ball at sekinchan? so we ordered this fish ball soup. It was cooked with fish ball, toufu, tomato and salt preserved vegetable. It was tasted a bot salty with a bit of sour. I think most of the girl like this kind of taste. As most of my jimui like this kind of taste. Not for guy, especially CS. He does not like sour or bean paste favour food. Sometime I even wonder why a guy can be so choosy or picky about his food?

Teluk Intan Chee Chong Fan RM7.50
 Firstly thank you the uncle for driving all the way from Teluk Intan to sell this.
We personally prefer to eat it fresh at Teluk Intan. CS lost his control. we already ordered so many food when he saw Teluk Intan Chee Chong Fan... He  been missing this dish since our February Teluk Intan trip. He bought it without second thought. It was really fail our expectation and disappointing. We will have this when we visit Teluk Intan in near future.

We have our lunch at Cha Po Tian.
Cha Po Tian operates from 7am to 2pm. The business is so good that patience is needed for the food to served. Waiting is worthy as the food is delicious. They close order at 2pm sharp. We saw they really reject some customers at 2pm sharp. Even though there are still many customer at 2pm, some of their famous dishes run out of stock too. I really recommend this restaurant.


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